What is Securitas ePay?

Securitas ePay is an Online Employee Portal which helps you to check, manage and other records of your Payroll(If you are a Securitas employee, that’s is.) And Good thing about Securitas ePay is that all this can be done without all the Hassle.

Why is Securitas ePay Useful?

You can access your Payroll information 24 hours a day, Seven days a week through various devices like your mobile phone, computer or even fax!

  • You can exactly have an idea about your payroll before the payday
  • You will have the access to look into your pay history of the previous 3 years
  • You will access to special discounts on many major shopping outlets like Apple, Verizon etc.
  • You can get your complete pay from any Visa bank across the country and that too without any check cashing fee!
  • You will have 24/7 customer support to answer your questions and queries regarding your pay and services
  • The payment processed will be secure and private as in the name.

You will also have the flexibility of getting your payroll in any one of the following ways.

Direct Deposit

You can directly deposit your electronic funds into your bank account without having a physical transfer or a Paper check. This enables you to receive your pay through the bank of your interest.

Pay Card

It is a prepaid card onto which your employer will send funds and salary each payday. This is a feature which helps the employees who do not have or wish to use their Bank Accounts. Employees can access their wages through an ATM-like any other traditional Debit card.

You can also use a similar Payroll card provided by Citibank called Visa Payroll Card which works in a similar manner to the Pay Card mentioned above.

*This also allows you to receive your Pay without having to deal with weather or natural disaster delays, Courier stoppages or strikes which are faced by many employees with Check as their primary way of receiving payment. So those irritating USPS delivery issues are out of the equation.

How to access Securitas ePay

Through Online

  • Go to

Go to the Page

  • Log in to your account by these steps
  • Enter your Social Security Number [SSN]
  • Then Enter your Date of Birth which will be your Default Pin in this format [mm/dd/yy]
  • Then you will be prompted to change your PIN. The requirements for the New PIN is that it has to have 6 to 8 characters. *The PIN should only contain Numbers.
  • Then Select an Option(These options will be available for you when you sign in)
  • Pay-Stub Review
  • Income Verification
  • Personal Information

Through A Phone

  • Dial and Call this Number 866-604-3729
  • Log in to your account by these steps
  • Enter your Social Security Number [SSN]
  • Then Enter your Date of Birth which will be your Default Pin in this format [mm/dd/yy]
  • Then you will be prompted to change your PIN. The requirements for the New PIN is that it has to have 6 to 8 characters. *The PIN should only contain Numbers.
  • Then select an Option
  • Press ‘1’ to either review your Pay Stub or Receive a Fax Copy
  • Press ‘4’ to check the status of your Fax request if you made one
  • Press ‘5’ to change your pin
  • Press ‘#’ to repeat menu
  • Press ‘*’ to End the call
  • Press ‘0’ to Speak with a Client Representative or customer service
  • How to log in to TALX Paperless Pay Portal

    Follow these steps exactly to Login to the TALX Paperless Pay Portal. It's really simple!

    1. Navigate to TALX Paperless Pay Portal: By clicking on this link
    2. Enter your Employer code: You will see a designated space on the landing page asking for your Employer code.
    3. Enter your Employee ID: Which is typically yours User ID which is used for Logging in
    4. Enter your PIN: Then enter your PIN which is the password for logging in to Securitas ePay
    5. Click on Login button: Then you will be signed in to Securitas ePay

    Securitas - The Company

    Securitas is a security and protection service group based in Stockholm, Sweden. Securitas group offers its services in over 53 countries worldwide and it employees more than 300,000 people around the world specializing in security, monitoring, consulting, patrolling and investigation. It was founded in 1984 in Helsingborg, Sweden and was initially named as AB Hälsingborgs Nattvakt, when the founder of Securitas, Erik Philip-Sörensen bought it as a small guarding company.


    In 1972, The group was re-branded as Securitas as in Securitas, the Roman goddess of security and stability. The current logo was also first used then, which consists of three red-colored dots each constituting the company's core ideals "Integrity, Vigilance, and Helpfulness."

    What are the services offered by Securitas ePay?

    There are many services offered by Securitas ePay and some of the most prominent ones being

    • On-site Guarding
    • Electronic Security
    • Fire safety
    • Corporate risk
    • Remote Guarding
    • Mobile Guarding

    To stay leading in what they do, Securitas always keeps delivering high-quality services and totally nails the long-term customer relations with their clients. Another key reason why they keep going strong is because of their constant innovation which ensures Efficient, Cost-Effective ways which can be very flexible as per the client needs. The innovation leads us to Securitas ePay which simplifies the payroll experience and provides the Hassle-free experience for the user.

    What are other features or benefits using Securitas ePay?

    The employees who use Securitas ePay are eligible for a wide range of offers in selected Outlets. Previously Securitas ePay is known for their special offers on Apple devices, Sprint and Verizon, which is a great thing if you ask me.

    Disclaimer: This Site is an independent that is not associated with Securitas or its affiliates. We will not, in any case, ask for your personal information. There is a Lack of information regarding Securitas ePay and its qualifications. Please note that the content on this site is for educational and informational purposes only. This domain is Secured with https://. We will not Store or Collect any User information. “Securitas”, “Securitas Logo” and others are Trademarks of Securitas.

    Securitas Branches in USA

    Securitas offers its services Locally all around the United States. With more than 86,000 Employees distributed in all parts of the country, the service is more in reach for everyone.

    Securitas also employs more than 640 Local managers for unparalleled security solutions for your Home or Business.

    • Arizona, Arkansas
    • California, Colorado
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Illinois, Indiana, Iowa
    • Kansas, Kentucky
    • Louisiana
    • Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri
    • Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina
    • Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon
    • Pennsylvania
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee, Texas
    • Utah
    • Virginia
    • Washington, Wisconsin

    Leading the security industry through innovation.